September 18

The Pier is Born


The Pier is Born

My first post at Pier 19.

Why Pier 19?  If you live near me, you’ve probably seen the sign and wondered the story behind it.  Without getting into details in this first article….I always dreamed of a home of my own (well-another one) that was big enough for my family, enjoyable to be at, and a place where I could entertain family and friends.  I never quite had that before and was told many times that I couldn’t have it in my previous life.  This is why this house is a dream come true.  I absolutely love it here.  In fact, it has been better than I could have ever imagined.  So, the ‘Pier’ part came into play one evening with my brother and sister-in-law, as we were sitting by the pool (holy crap I own a pool!) pondering the name of this new area we have to enjoy.  When I say we were sitting by the pool, I mean, we were poolside on a beautiful evening, nice beverage in hand, looking around and saying – holy cow this place is so awesome!  We were enjoying the heck out of the pool area, coming off of an entire day with the family and it was just so much fun we needed a name.  I promise there were quarky and terrible ones…’Oasis’, ‘Pam’s place’, something about the sun…lol it was hilarious…

Earlier in the day I had been telling my family of my recent work trip to San Francisco, and how much I loved Pier 39 – the food, the seals and all the great things I got to see and do.  So, ‘The Pier’ was born.  From my trip to San Fran, but also the fact that you can do a lot of fun things at most Piers.  Food, rides, waterfront…so we declared this place the pier.  We had great company, an amazing (and unbelievable) pool area, a trampoline (the rides), etc…it was all encompassing and perfect.   With that, I added the ’19’ because it was my favorite number in high school – being it was my number in softball and field hockey, lol those things never leave you, even so many years later.  And fitting also, that I now live back in the same district where I graduated. So, there it is, my home, the place I dreamed of that I never thought possible just a short time ago, and a place my family and friends can enjoy whenever they want.  It’s so perfect that it feels like a vacation everyday.  Everyday I get to wake up at my favorite place on earth.

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The Pier is Born

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